The other night the soon to be Boondogglers met up in Bandra to discuss everything ‘team’. However, what’s a team without a name? So besides almost lynching eachother over what time we will wake up on New Years day after a night of partying in Goa, we put our heads together to come up with a team name. Thus, the Boondogglers were born and written into the annals of history, or atleast the annals of wordpress blogs. While choosing our name however, we brainstormed plenty more amusing names that almost won the day. Presented below are the would-be Boondogglers:

  • The Lost Tribe
  • Goy in the Middle!
  • Runnin’ on Curry
  • The Trecherous Three
  • The Deccan Drifters
  • Goyride!