The inaugural Rickshaw Run kicked off today with convivial fanfare – and noone was in better form than the Boondogglers.  The day started way too early (7am) with a last minute “pimping” (read painting and decorating) session, and proceeded with a game of cricket against the local sports team, which the Rickshaw Runners can proudly say they won.

Our plan is to drive to Goa by New Years Eve, then cut across the country to Hyderabad, and then find ourselves somewhere along the East Coast, before shooting up along the Bangladeshi border from Kalkuta to Darjeeling. 

So far we have driven 112km (out of a mindboggling 3,500) in about 3 hours, so we figure that we can manage the job if we drive about 8 hours per day…

Here are some piccies for your squizzing pleasure in the meantime before I set up a more tech-savvy Flickr site or other.