The Boondogglers, although bedraggled and exhausted after a totally hectic New Years Eve Goa style, are in fantastic form.

After bounding up the gorgeous (just see the photos!) west coast of India through the states of Kerala and Karnataka, we arrived into Goa on mid-morning of the 31st.

We met up with some friends in Baga beach and spent the earlier part of the evening shmoozing, drinking and dancing around a small fire abutting a lighthouse which overlooks almost all of Goa state.  Due to the worst fireworks lighting in recorded history, we almost started two more, much bigger fires in the surrounding bushland when our fireworks shot first directly at us and then directly into trees and dried grass bundles.  Thank god we had two crates of beer to douse the flames.  After the lighthouse fiasco we returned to Baga where Rogier and his cronies did the RnB thang while Benji beach-hopped and hitchhiked around Goa’s northern beaches in search of the perfect trance party.  He finally found it at 3:30am in Vagator at a huge rave at ‘Hilltop’.  Best start to a new year in recent memory.

Early tomorrow morning we are heading inland and are looking to make it to Hyderabad in 2 days, where we will be finally joined by our third wheel – Robbie.

Updates to come.